The Trail to Eagle

The path to obtaining the rank of Eagle Scout challenges young men to utilize the leadership skills that Scouting has helped them develop.  Life Scouts intent on achieving Eagle rank are expected to complete a community service project known as an Eagle Scout Project that they themselves are responsible for organizing and overseeing.  The Eagle Scout Project allows scouts to begin transitioning their leadership experiences from Scouting to professional applications in the future.  While the process may seem daunting at first, Minsi Trails Council offers numerous resources and information to help Eagle Scout candidates plan their Project and properly submit their Eagle Scout Application.

*IMPORTANT* Please do NOT Google information regarding the Eagle Scout Project and/or Application!!!

(The Eagle Project Workbook and the Eagle Scout Application are both updated frequently, using an outdated document may result in the rejection of a submission!)

1.  Guidelines for the Eagle Award Candidate

Click here to download - Eagle Award Candidate Guidelines (Updated 11/13/2017)

This document contains guidelines to help you complete the Eagle Scout requirements and paperwork.  It also provides a checklist to help keep track of your progress.  You are highly advised to read this document before you start planning your Eagle Project!

Included is information regarding:

  • The Eagle Project Workbook
  • Obtaining required signatures / letters of recommendation
  • Check list for completing your Eagle Scout Application
  • District & Council Contacts (Updated 11/13/2017)


2.  Eagle Project Workbook  (October, 2015 - No. 512-927 )

Life Scouts who are working on their Eagle Scout Project are required to record their progress in an Eagle Project Workbook.  The workbook helps guide Scouts through the entire process from start to finish, and ensures that they are accountable and knowledgeable about their project.

Since this file was created using Adobe LiveCycle, Scouts must download this file and then open it using Adobe Reader 9 or later editions.


3. Obtaining Signatures

All Eagle Scout candidates are required to obtain specific signatures BEFORE they can begin physical work on their project.  This information can be found in the Eagle Award Candidate Guidelines.

4. Eagle Scout Rank Application

Click here to download the Eagle Scout Rank Application (April 2017)

This is the final form that the scout must complete in order to achieve the rank of Eagle.  This application must be printed in color and back to back.

If you are having difficulty opening/downloading the "Eagle Scout Rank Application (April 2017)", please click here to download - Eagle Scout Rank Application (April 2017)

If, you cannot download either of the applications, please contact the Minsi Trails Council Registrar at Minsi Trails Council 


5. Reference Letters  

Do not request letters until your project is completed and you are filling out your final Eagle Application.

Candidates must secure their own letters of recommendation using the information for their District and follow procedures outlined on page 6 of the Eagle Candidate Guidelines. Each District has its own letter that the candidate must present to those who are on his application that he has asked to provide a recommendation. 


6. Process to submit your Eagle Application to Minsi Trails Council service desk: 

  • Minsi Trails Council Service center is accepting Eagle Applications during Monday through Friday 9 AM to 4:30 PM.  Closed on holiday's and weekends.  Please refer to the council website calendar for closed holiday's dates. Directions to Minsi Trails Council Service Center.
  • You must fill out "Eagle Application Submission Form" prior to your arrival at Minsi Trails Council.
  • You must fill out and use "Eagle Candidate Application Checklist" prior to your arrival at Minsi Trails Council.
    • When you have completed all your requirements and paperwork, prior to your 18th birthday, you may send it to Minsi Trails Council, PO Box 20624, Lehigh Valley, PA 18002-0264.

    • Bring it to the Minsi Trails Council Service Center, 991 Postal Road, Allentown 18109, Monday-Friday 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM.



7.  Additional Resources:



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