International Peace Light Ceremony 2019

International Peace Light Ceremony 2019
991 Postal Raod
Allentown, PA 18109, US
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Text Box:  Please join with the Minsi Trails Council Chaplains as they share the International Peace Light of Bethlehem. 

The Holidays are quickly approaching and the International Peace Light is again coming to Minsi Trails Council.  To help celebrate the season the Chaplains of Minsi Trails Council will hold a short Peace Light sharing ceremony:

When:   Tuesday, December 10, 2019 at 7:00 pm to 7:30 pm
Where:  Minsi Trails Council Scout Service Center, 991 Postal Rd. Allentown, PA 18109

Join us in receiving the flame and share its “light” as it spread peace to our families and places of worship.

What is the Peace Light?
In the Church of the Nativity, in Bethlehem, Israel, there is an oil lamp that’s been burning continuously for centuries.  This is the Peace Light flame.  Each year a child from Austria travels to Bethlehem in the Middle East to light a flame from the one that burns in the Church of the Nativity.  This flame is then flown to Austria where it is distributed to Scout delegations from across Europe and the world.  The Peace Light is taken by Scouts back to their home countries to share with others.  The Peace Light was originated by Austrian Scouting, Austrian Airlines and the Austrian Broadcast Corporation in 1986.

Peace Light Distribution
This year, the Peace Light will again be transported by Austrian Airlines from Vienna, Austria and arrive in the U.S. at New York City’s JFK International Airport.  A welcome ceremony will be held at JFK’s Our Lady of the Skies Chapel upon its arrival.  Volunteers from several countries will be present to then distribute the Peace Light in the U.S., Canada, Mexico and South America.  Representative from the Minsi Trails Council Chaplains will also be on hand in New York to bring the Peace Light back to our area.

Local Sharing Ceremony
A sharing ceremony is scheduled for Tuesday, December 10, 2019 at 7:00 p.m. the Minsi trails Council Scout Service Center, 991 Postal Rd., Allentown, PA 18109.  This is open to all Scouting units (Boy and Girl Scouts).

Safety Precautions 

  • It may sound a bit obvious but please bear in mind the following when transporting or transferring the Peace Light. Remember even though you are transporting lighted candles, they are a source of heat and flame. Common sense safety measures will avoid accidents and where possible, either the approved Peace Light carriers or a candle lantern be used to transport the light.
  • When carrying the Light in the approved container, ensure that the flame is low, that there is no spillage of oil or paraffin remaining on the surface of the lamp or container and that the two sections of the container are securely fastened together. Check that the lamp is firmly fitted into the carrying case and that the lid and flange are securely fastened. 
  • The lamp should be on a firm surface except when being carried. Unsupervised children should NOT be allowed near the lamp or container. When on the move, try and restrict movement to a minimum.  Remember children are fascinated by flames, and may be tempted to play with PeaceLlight candles or Christingles lit from it. 
  • The top of the lamp/container will be warm or even hot depending upon the flame. It is advised that the person removing the Light from the container or refilling the lamp wear gloves. The side and base of the container will not he heated, nor will the base of the lamp. 
  • When refilling the lamp it is recommended that the Light is passed on to a candle or night light so that the lamp is extinguished before filling the lamp. DO NOT OVERFILL THE LAMP. 
  • When passing the flame from one lamp to another or to other candles, Christingles etc, the use of a long wax taper is advised. The top of the lamp should be replaced firmly as soon as practical. 
  • Care should also be taken when the Light is left burning unattended (for instance, in church or other public place) and lamps or long life candles are recommended. 

Transport by Car

When using a car to carry the light, please note the following:

  • Where possible Night Light Lanterns and Paraffin Lamps should be contained in a canister following the pattern promoted by the Peacelight Organizers.  It is suggested that you place the burning lamp in an empty sheet rock compound container when transporting in an automobile. 
  • Ensure that there are at least two people in the car, one to concentrate on driving and the other to look after the light.
  • Minimize the risk of fire and travel within reach of a fire extinguisher.
  • Refueling of lanterns or changing of nightlights should not be carried whilst the car is moving, on a long journey, plan your stops to refuel the lantern.
  • Keep the light away from all fuels and other combustible materials.
  • Smokeless/ Odorless Paraffin Lamp Oil works best in an Oil Lamp or new decorative Kerosene Lantern.  Keep a window partially open to allow for adequate ventilation. 
  • Small candle lanterns can also be used but are best if they cannot be easily extinguished by wind. 
  • Lamps can get hot so handle safely with gloves.

For information visit www.peacelight.org and www.bsainternationalpeacelightusa.org

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