Forks of the Delaware Boy Scout Klondike Derby

Forks of the Delaware Boy Scout Klondike Derby
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288 Camp Trexler Rd
Kunkletown, PA 18058, US
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The last date for registration has passed.

Forks of the Delaware 1776 Klondike                                                            

By request of the supreme Commander of the Continental  Army, all Patriots of the thirteen Colonies are

ordered to muster their Units and report for duty to;


      “Trexler Scout Reservation, Akelaland,”   February 2-4- 2018  

                       Jonas Pa. - Minsi Trails Council. 


    Break out the wigs and sleds to  prepare your Units to demonstrate their Scouting skills for the Commander and Chief.  Yes,‘These are the times that try men’s souls’ (Thomas Paine) and I wish to have no connection with a sled that does not move fast; for I intend to go into harm’s way. (John Paul Jones). And “Give me liberty or give me death”,(Patrick Henry).


Now let us shew the King we are serious about Liberty and Independence and that we  have what it takes to be free men and women in this land we call the,

                             “United States of America”.


Your Continental Commander & Klondike Committee

George Washington ,CC

Mark Roth ,KC

Christopher Miller ,KC

Rich Yatchyshyn ,KC





  Program Notes                   ________________________________

BSA Requirements

Youth must be a registered Scout or Venture to participate in Klondike for insurance purposes.

Arrow of Light scouts may be invited to participate with your troop but must be included as part of a Scout Patrol or Crew.




Sled must be built or put back in shape and don’t forget to wax up runners!

There are plans available to build sleds online and if you ask around you may even find a sled to borrow.


 Sled Requirements (Required and Inspected at Check-in)


 1 The sled must be a minimum of 4 feet long and 18 inches wide.

 2 Each sled must display a patrol flag.

 3 No commercially built sleds may be used. Real skis may be used for runners.

 4 The sleds must be strong enough to complete course with gear stored on aboard.

 5 (Sorry), no wheels, to keep sleds on equal playing field.

 6 Sled used for competition is sled used for race.


1776 Klondike Derby- Registration                   

Troop/Crew#: ____________     District:__________

Contact Name:______________________________


City, State, Zip:______________________________

Email Address:________________  Phone#____________


# Scouts________   #Adults_________  #Sleds_________ #nights camping_____

 Camp is available Friday, Saturday, Sunday at sites or main field


Registration is $10.00 per scout/adult (after 1/19/18 $2.00)

Please register at www.minsitrails.org  and send payment along with registration form to- Minsi Trails Council, 991 Postal Rd, Allentown Pa, 18109 attn: FOD Klondike



ALSO!! “Saturday Spaghetti Dinner”, (during awards presentation) to benefit

“Miracle League of Northampton County”, cost is $5.00 a scout/adult (due 1/19/18).

Please send 1 Troop check payable to: Troop 3, and send payment to-

Paul DeGiulio, 2295 Stone Bridge Lane, Easton Pa, 18040



Station Volunteers, just pick a station and shoot an email to Mark Roth,  mdroth91@gmail.com for  details.


And as ALWAYS your help is GREATLY appreciated.


 All other question or concerns just contact any committee member below:                                       



      Mark Roth   Troop 44                           RICH Yatchyshyn  Troop 34

       mdroth91@gmail.com                           yatchrc@gmail.com

      (484)-627-3641 cell                              (267)-966-7500



                                        Christopher Miller  Toop 74









Awards Up for Grabs will include:


  • Top 3 in Scouting Skills


  • Top 3 in Sledding Race


  • Best Dressed Patrol


  • Best Looking Wig


  • Scout Spirit Award


And this year along with the 1st place skills plaque there will also be the first time ever,,,,


    “Forks of the Delaware Klondike Derby Cup


The Forks “K D Cup” will be presented (along with plaque) to the patrol that takes 1st place in

Klondike Derby, (scouting skills). The unit will hold the cup until following KD event. 

The Cup will be returned in order to be passed on.


Equipment Roster

  • Klondike Sled
  •  Tarp                                                                           
  •   Lashing Twine
  •   Firewood supply, enough to fill a 5 gallon bucket
  •   Fire starting device, matches, flint steel, bow and drill,etc,
  •    2 - 6 ft staves  and  3 - 5 ft staves 
  •    6 - 6 ft lengths of rope and 1 - 50 ft x ¼  nylon or hemp
  •   Blanket
  •   Scout handbook 
  •   First aid kit that Includes- 3 triangular bandages and 2 splints    
  •    Hand axe   
  •    Patrol flag  
  •    Pencil, Paper, Clipboard   ( Plastic Gallon Bag to protect paper)                   
  •   Mess kit/cup/spork for each Scout
  •   Compass                             
  •   Camp shovel                                       
  •   Can of Soup (no cream) per scout to be turned in at registration 
  •   Lunch to warm up                        
  •  Garbage Bag
  •  Water bottle for each Scout - plus 1 gallon water
  •  Towels or paper towels for clean up
  •  American Flag

  •  Total 22 items





1 Inspect provisions and supplies              

2 Navigate Sullivans Marsh

3 Provision skills at the Battle of Saratoga

4 Recovering at Philadelphia, 1776

5  Engineering Sullivan’s Bridge

6  Deep snow at the Battle of Trenton

7 Flames at the Battle of Bunker Hill

8 Rescue at Washington’s Crossing

9 Training with the Iroquois

10 Hatchet Skills on Sullivan's Trial 

11 Betsy Ross                             

12 Hunker down at Valley Forge

13 Canon testing before the Siege of Yorktown

14  Carried at the Battle of Princeton

15 How far to the Battle of New York

16  Lenni-Lenape & Mother Earth  - nature identification

17 Paul Revere’s ride - sled race

18 Hungry Hill  - soup pot

Contact E-mail
$10.00 per Adult
$10.00 per Youth
Late fee
After 1/19/2018 a fee of $2.00 will apply to all Adult Registrants.
After 1/19/2018 a fee of $2.00 will apply to all Youth Registrants.


991 Postal Road
Allentown, PA 18109

Phone: (610) 264-8551
Fax: (610) 465-4500

9:00am - 5:00pm (Mon. -  Fri.)


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Allentown, PA 18109

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