Trexler District- Scouts BSA Klondike Derby

Trexler District- Scouts BSA Klondike Derby
Registration Begins
12/20/2019 6:00 PM
Last Day To Register
2/1/2020 9:00 PM
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The last date for registration has passed.


Klondike 2020- February 8, 2020

  •   Camp Serranova

73 St. Peter’s Road

Macungie, PA 18062

Cost: $5.00 per participant. Register/pay using Doubleknot

When:  February 8, 2020- sign in at 8:15 – 8:45 am.  Opening at 9:00 am at the Bender Building.  Closing approx. 4:00 pm.  Overnight tent camping on Friday and Saturday nights is available at no additional cost, bonus points may be awarded to Troops overnighting.  The Bender Building will be available for any Leaders if desired.  Contact Chad as noted below to arrange for a camping area.

Registration:  Due no later than Friday January 31, 2020 at Council.  Max Patrol size of 8, try to have at least 5, minimum of 3.  Share a Patrol sled with another Troop if needed.

Other Stuff:

  • Troop Leaders are strongly discouraged from providing extra help or answers to their Patrols during the event.  The Klondike Derby is for Scouts to learn from, work towards, overcome, and enjoy their successes; and yes failures, as individuals and Patrols.  Please volunteer at a station instead.
  • Each station will be 35 minutes, 5 minutes travel time between, please stay at stations until switch time.
  • Leaders will be expected to assist at a station, contact Chad as noted below for a preferred choice.  Please bring a chair, watch/phone for time and stop watch purposes, coffee & pot if desired.
  • All Patrol Members will compete at each station, a clear Patrol Leader is expected for each station.
  • Participants and Leaders are expected to be prepared for normal winter conditions, appropriate clothing, footwear, and gear for normal winter hiking conditions.

         !!!!   Absolutely no one allowed on or in the pond during the weekend   !!!!

Please contact Chad Seibert at cseibert@buckeye.com or 484-554-5964.


1. Register on Doubleknot (www.minsitrails.org/about-us/additional-events)

2. Send E-mail confirmation with information (below) to Chad Seibert cseibert@buckeye.com or call 484-554-5964.

Troop #______        Number of Teams: _______        Number of Scouts: ______    x $5.00= ________­­­__

Preferred Volunteer Station:_________________________________________________________________

Contact person (please print):_____________________________________________________________                                                                        

Contact person Email:__________________________________ Phone:___________________________


Registration must be paid and received at the Council Office by no later than 1/31/2020

Trexler District Klondike 2020

Klondike 2020

(Camp map station order will be available and posted at sign in)


Station 1 – Pine Top Campsite:  Fire Building: no paper, lint, lighters, fire starters, treated

Wood.  Dry, presplit, shavings, splintered, untreated wood is recommended

Station 2 – Pine Top start - nature trail - Shelters finish: 

Sled course competition and sled inspection, list of required gear for the sled includes:

50’ rope, basic first aid kit, Patrol flag, whistle worn by each member, one bandana carried by each member, at least one quart water for each member, Patrol lunch and necessary cooking gear, two poles 5’ or longer, lashing twine 6’, Scout handbook-pencil-notepad (protected from weather), shish kebob sticks, trash container, several blue tip/strike anywhere matches and striker, starter firewood for fire building competition, 5’x5’ minimum blanket or tarp

Station 3 – Shelters:  Two man saw competition:

Station 4 – Rifle Range:  22 gauge rifle shooting:  prone position, if desired bring your own eye and hearing protection, safety glasses and hearing protection will also be provided


Lunch:  1 hour & 15 minutes for a judged and scored lunch.  Each team will be feeding

2 extra people.  Disposable ware is allowed.  It is allowable and recommended to pre-prep food items.  Camp fires will be provided for cooking, maintained by the Patrol during cooking. A good nutritional meal with beverage is required.  Lunch will be taken at the station last completed at lunch break and will be carried on the sled.  Take home all trash.

Station 5 – Bender Building:  First Aid scenarios:  basic care and immediate response knowledge

Station 6 – Pavilion Area:  Knots and lashing:  basic uses of the Scouting knots and lashing in the building of basic campsite projects

Station 7 – Main Field:  Ice rescue methods:  basic reach, throw, row, go and first aid

Station 8 – Lower Campsite:  Team Building Scenario:  no prep necessary; leadership,

teamwork, problem solving skills tested

Special Notes

  • There are points at stations rewarding for basic Scout and Patrol actions.  Examples;

Finishing the sled race as a team, Patrol Leader leading Patrol, all Patrol members participated, Patrol worked as a team.

  • Scout Trivia:  Scout trivia questions will be asked at each station for points
$5.00 per Participant

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