FAQ Page for Pack Advancement Chairs

(Rev. 1, 1/22/2020 with COVID-19 updates in red 4/30/2020)


So you’re a new or experienced Pack Advancement Chair? Welcome and thank you for volunteering! Here are some things you might want to know:


  • What are the duties of the Pack Advancement Chair? Please see the presentation created by our Minsi Trails Council Advancement Committee titled “Cub Scout Advancements: A Guide for Pack Advancement Chairs” available to download here (PowerPoint) or (PDF).
  • What position should I be registered as? Pack Advancement Chairs should be registered as Unit Committee Members.
  • Can the Pack Advancement Chair hold another position? Yes, any adult can be the Pack Advancement Chair, even if they are registered for another position. Also, a non-registered adult can be Pack Advancement Chair but it is preferred that they be registered.
  • What training do I need to be a Pack Advancement Chair? The same training that’s required for all Committee Members, which can be found at http://www.minsitrails.org/training/60159
  • How do I know what Advancement Tracking program to use for my Pack? It is strongly recommended that Packs use Scoutbook, available at https://www.scoutbook.com
  • What’s the difference between Scoutbook and Internet Advancement? They are both tools to add advancement information into the same Scoutbook database. Scoutbook has more functionality than Internet Advancement. Scoutbook is preferred but Internet Advancement is available for units that don’t use Scoutbook. Anything that is approved in Internet Advancement can instantly be seen in Scoutbook and vice versa. If you are using Scoutbook you do not need to and should not use Internet Advancement.
  • Where can I find training for Scoutbook? At https://www.scoutbook.com click on “More Scoutbook and Internet Advancement help is here” and “Login help is here.” Also, training classes are offered at University of Scouting.
  • Where can I find training for Internet Advancement? Minsi Trails Council has developed resources to help you with Internet Advancement. Follow this link for everything you need, including access to the Internet Advancement website, instructions/tutorial on how to use it, and an FAQ page: http://www.minsitrails.org/resources/volunteerleader-resources/internet-advancement/60698
  • Which Advancements must I enter into Scoutbook? Ranks are required to be entered. Adventures (required and elective), Pins, Belt Loops are strongly recommended. This is so each scout can have an accurate scouting history on record.
  • Do I have to submit a hardcopy Advancement report to Minsi Trails Council if I have entered the information online into Scoutbook? Yes. Print the Advancement Report from Scoutbook and sign it. Then you can either mail in your signed report to the Minsi Trails Council office, or you can scan and email your signed report to Christian Averill at christian.averill@scouting.org, Council Advancement Committee Staff Advisor.
  • Who has to sign Advancement reports? Only you, the Pack Advancement Chair, need to sign Advancement reports.
  • How many copies of the Advancement reports must I turn in to the Scout shop? One copy. This is the Advancement Page not the Purchase Order page.
  • Can the Scout Shop help me with my purchases? Not at this time when the Scout Shop is closed. However, you can purchase Advancement items from BSA National via the following procedure:


To:              Scouting Unit Leaders


REF:           How Scouting units can still purchase Rank Advancement awards during this time.


During this time that Council Scout Shops are closed and a leader needs to purchase Rank advancement items, please have them use the following steps:

1.      Unit Leader will email in their Scoutbook Advancement report to NDCSupply.Orders@scouting.org

2.      Please include contact phone number so that the Customer Service team member can contact for payment information.

3.      Customer Service Rep will contact Unit Leader for credit card information, ship to and bill to address, and verify the correct Council along with the actual advancement needed.

  • This option is through the National BSA Supply and is a direct purchase and transaction.  
  • Under this above plan, Minsi Trails Council unit accounts cannot be used.

Hope this helps during this time.


  • Where can I find the Advancement report pre-printed form? Although the online advancement reporting system is greatly preferred, the Council will accept this form and enter the information for you into the online system:  https://filestore.scouting.org/filestore/pdf/34403.pdf
  • When do I enter Advancements? It is advised to enter Advancements every month to stay current. At year end, advancements must be entered online by December 31 for them to be counted for that year. If you are using the pre-printed forms (not printed from Scoutbook), you need to turn them into the Council office by December 20 because additional time is needed for these to be entered into the database.
  • What other resources are there regarding Pack Advancements? For an excellent overview of Advancement in Cub Scouts, please see the BSA presentation called Cub Scout Advancement: Delivering Adventure, which is the second presentation listed on this page: https://www.scouting.org/programs/boy-scouts/resources/advancement-presentations/


(Note: this page with links can be found on the Minsi Trails Council website. From the home page, click on Resources, then Volunteer/Leader Resources, then FAQ Cub Advancement Chairs)


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