Anthracite Cubscout winter event

Anthracite Cubscout winter event
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White Tail Preserve 118 Boulevard Rd
bloomsburg, PA 17815, US
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Each Pack will have a Sled made from a wheeled wagon (not a sled like the scouts use).  It should be decorated and have ropes attached to the front for the sled dogs (cubs) to pull along the track.  The wagon will carry the items the mushers will need at the various stops along the Klondike Trail.  There will be one Wagon for every 8 Cubs.


Fairbanks Sidewalks:  Fairbanks is a new town in gold mining country, constantly growing, with plenty of snow drifts and mud.  There will be a pile of planks to make sidewalks to pull the sled along.  The planks must be placed in the proper order to complete from the Start: Outfitters to the Finish: Assay office to keep your sled and people dry. You may have to rip up sidewalk behind you but all must stay on the walkway.


Finding True North and the North Pole:  Being so far North and away from roads and settlements, compass’s are often the only way to find the right path. After learning how to find basic directions you must choose the right path to make it back to town from your claim.


Fall through the Ice:  One of your party has chosen the wrong place to step and has fallen through the ice.  You have to tie your shorter ropes together to pull him out of the icy water before he freezes into an ice statue.  Webelos/AOL must tie ropes together with square knots and a bowline at the end; Bear must tie ropes together with square knot and finish with two half hitches around the pole to pull him in. Wolf must tie square knots.  Tiger will tie overhand knots for grip points in the rope to pull.


Panning for Gold:  Your team has collected gold bearing soils.  They are piled by the claim and you need to screen them for gold.  Carry the soil to the screens in the small containers and sieve through the screens to find gold nuggets.  Watch out for clinkers and “fools gold”.


Ski Team:  You have one pair of oversized skis to traverse the ice field.  You need to work as a team to get across without falling or loosing a team member.


Cold Weather Clothing Race: There is a sharp dip in the temperature coming and you have to dress for this cold snap.  Each team will have two piles of cold weather gear to put on.  First member puts on an item and runs to the other pile where he takes it off and passes to the next in line who put this on and one other item.  He then runs to the first pile and repeats this with a team member there.  Continue until the last team member is fully outfitted for the cold weather.


Broken Leg Race:  An avalanche has taken out half of your team, who has broken their leg.  The fit members must tie the stricken members to them and travel to town for aid.


Sled Race:  Select your fastest dogs to pull your sled from Fairbanks back to Nome to get the medicine there for the doctors.  Time is of the essence as people are sick.



SLED MATERIALS:  Each Sled (wagon) should have the following items for the Alaska Trail.

            2 Ropes to pull the wagon – 6-10 feet long No Smaller Than ½” diameter

            1 Rope for each member for knots & rescue 6-10 feet No Larger Than ½” diameter

            One container for each member – no larger than 16 oz in size

Water for the trail with non-disposable cups – or each team member has water bottle

Note paper and pencil (no pens –freeze up in cold weather)

Sack or closable box for gold nugget collection


Each Cub Scout participating must be dressed for the weather.  No sneakers or open shoes will be allowed. Each Scout must carry a spare set of socks; have gloves (cold weather), hat and a coat suitable for the weather or sufficient layers to substitute for the coat.  A decision as to appropriate dress will be made by staff and are binding.  Those not dressed for the weather will not be allowed to participate.




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$10.00 per Participant
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After 2/15/2018 a fee of $3.00 will apply.


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