Minsi Trails Council 2020 Popcorn Sale

Updates as of 1/7/2021 

Need additional product - our inventory is limited, however reach out to Paul to check - paul.oswald@scouting.org 

  1. Money Due
    1. Take Orders payments are due now.
      1. Invoice for product, minus the unit commission will be reflected in the Take Order invoice.  Contact Paul Oswald @ paul.oswald@scouting.org
  2. Online Scout Sales
    1. Online sales window ended on December 4, 2020.
    2. Camp Master directly pays the online Scout Commission to Minsi Trails Council.  Minsi Trails Council will place the unit commissions in the Units Custodial account at Council. 
    3. To receive a copy of online Scout commissions that have been deposited into the Council Unit Account, please email a request to Suzann suzann.young@scouting.org With in the report will be the Scout name and amount. 
  3. Ordering Prizes - Action Items
    1. Use the Worksheet to prepare the prizes you will be ordering.  Click Here
    2. Link to Prize Ordering is on the Kernel's dashboard in the Camp Master system. 
    3. Online Prize orders are due now.
    4. Once placed, the order will be approved by Council.  We check daily for unit orders. 
    5. Prizes are shipped directly to the unit Kernel - please note your address when completing. 
  4. Campmaster High Achiever Prizes
    1. Download the Campmaster High Achiever Prize Form
    2. Download the Campmasters Program Alternative to Scholarship Program
  5. Top 50 Sellers "Jump Party"
    1. Minsi Trails Council will use the online Camp Master system to determine the individual top 50 sellers.  This includes all three selling strategies; Show & Sell, Take Order, and Online Sales.  Please make sure the individual Scout sales are reflected in the scouts Campmaster account.
    2. As of 1/6/2021, Paul Oswald is working with SkyZone Bethlehem to determine the best way to deliver our experience. As COVID-19 restrictions may limit groups, we are determined to find a solution that is simple and easy for our families.  Please check back here.  Paul will be communicating directly with the Top 50 Scouts about the plan. 
  6. Help or looking for additional Product?
    1. Email Paul.oswald@scouting.org 
    2. As of 12/10/2020, we do have additional product available, however limited. 







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