2020 Campership Program - EXTENDED DEADLINE TO APRIL 15, 2020

While the pinnacle of any Scouting experience is attending Summer Camp, the leadership of the Minsi Trails Council realizes the cost of providing this experience can be too much for some families to bear alone.  Therefore, funds have been made available to assist those families in need so that the Scout may have the camping experience.  These funds are made possible from individuals and organizations who understand the lifelong impact Summer Camp has on a youth. This assistance is provided in the form of a “Campership” through the application and review process.

The application can be downloaded using the link at the bottom of this page.  All applications are due by EXTENDED DEADLINE TO APRIL 15, 2020 in the Minsi Trails Council office. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who is eligible to apply?

A. Youth currently registered in a BSA scouting unit of Minsi Trails Council and will be participating in a Minsi Trails Council (owned) Summer Camp Program.  

Q. How much funding will be allocated?

A. The amount the Minsi Trails Cub Scout Resident/Day camp and Boy Scout resident camp camperships awarded will be based on financial need, as well as the amount of funding available to be awarded.  

As a general rule, ALL standard camperships granted are no greater than $75.

It is expected that the Scouts receiving the camperships will make an attempt to pay part of their own way with participation in fund raisers at the unit and Council level.  The Scout may also save money towards camp costs by earning his/her own money. 

Q. How do submit the application for Campership? Updated on March 31, 2020

A. All applications should be mailed to the Minsi Trails Council Service Center.  Please ensure enough time for delivery prior to the application deadline:

          Minsi Trails Council
          Attn. 2020 Campership Committee
          P.O. Box 20624
          Lehigh Valley, PA 18002-0624

Q. Completing the application?

A. Youth and their families looking to apply for a Campership should download and complete the application (available for download below).  Please follow all instructions.  Incomplete or illegible forms may not be considered. 

Q. What does it mean by "Camp fees used in calculation are based on discounted fee?"

A. When calculating the Campership request, the most discounted camp fee should be used. For example, the fee used for the calculation should be after any early registration discounts.  Ask your unit leader what fee you qualified for as a unit or if you have met the March 1 deposit deadline.

Q. When will the youth be notified if they have been awarded a Campership?

A. The unit leader will be notified mid May in writing whom with in the troop were awarded Camperships.  This allows the unit leader to coordinate with the Scout family any balances that are due prior to June 1 submittal (date for all payments). 

Q. Is there anything that youth need to do after camp if they are awarded a Campership?

A. Youth are asked to write a thank you note/letter to the Campership Committee.  These letters may also be shared anonymously with council leadership, those who support the Campership program through donations and support, and others who may deemed necessary. 

Q. If I am awarded a Campership, how will I apply to my camp registration?

A. Those attending summer resident camp and summer day camp will be notified through their unit leader (important to have the correct info on the application), as well as a letter sent to the family.  Information will be shared how we apply the credit(s) to the unit online roster of youth attending summer camp.  Those who will be attending summer day camp will receive on the final bill. 

Q. Can I apply for a campership for more than one program?

A. Due to limited funds available, it would be best to apply for one campership in particular.

Q. Should I submit my camp fees with the application?

A. Camp fees should not be submitted with the campership application.  Campership awards are not guaranteed and are based on funds available.  

Q. How can I support the Campership program?

A. Funds for camperships are raised through generous donors, as well as through the sale of the annual campership shoulder patch.  These patches are available at the front counter of the Minsi Trails Council Office.  If you would like to make a contribution to the Campership program, you may submit it to the Minsi Trails council and indicate that it is designated for camperships.

Click here it download the 2020 MTC Campership Application - EXTENDED DEADLINE TO APRIL 15, 2020



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