Minsi Trails Council 2020 Popcorn Sale

Minsi Trails Council is excited to announce a new partnership with Camp Masters Gourmet Popcorn. Below is information specific to the Unit Kernel.  Be sure to always check the "Popcorn" News Wire below.

Important Info and Current Tasks for Kernels - 10/19/2020

  1. If not already done so, All Show and Sell payments are due to Council - September 22, 2020
  2. Notifying all Scouts - all Scout Take Orders are to be entered in the system by the Unit Kernel or individual Scouts themselves.
  3. "How to Place" my Scouts Unit Take Order.
    1. All Due in the system on or before October 23, 2020.
    2. Download the instructions here on how to accomplish. 
  4. Unit Order Pick-Up
    1. Due to COVID-19 Business Protocols,  We as a council have been limited to one location - ATAS International for pick-up.  However, we are trying to determine how we can set up quick regional pick-ups.
    2. Location and time opportunities will be announced after the Council places the overall Take Order.  Paul Oswald will email each unit Kernel. We will use the units location and communicate to each unit the pick up site.
    3. Our goal is to make it safe and accessible for product pick-up.  Thank you for your patience in these unprecedented times.   

Unit Leaders/Kernels Processes 

Popcorn News Wire:

Unit Family Guide/Order Forms/Prize Brochures (Posted 8/24)

  • Sell sheets have arrived, how can we get them to you?  Available for pickup at office or staff can help.  Staff List

Camp Masters Exclusive Unit Workshop Leader Training (posted 7/14)

  • Hosted by Minsi Trails Council - Paul Oswald
  • Workshop Trainer - Michael Beck Thursday July 30, 2020 ( 7 PM) Virtual Online Session
  • Open to Minsi Trails Units - 240 person limit. A how to join email will be sent to Unit Kernels - pre-registration required to receive the link.  
  • The Units that attended the Training averaged a 15% Growth in their Sale. 

Unit Family Guide/Order Forms/Prize Brochures (Posted 7/14)

  • The MTC Plan is have these items to the units between 8/4 through 8/14. Either through general location or Kernel addresses. 

2020 Wawa Popcorn Show and Sell - Message from Wawa (Posted 7/14)

No Show and Sell Locations for 2020. 

We recognize your organization has plans in the near future for fundraising activities and connections with community members at your local Wawa store. As we continue to navigate the challenges to our communities as a result of COVID-19, we have been re-evaluating all scheduled events we have scheduled in our communities. Unfortunately, given the extra steps and precautions we have implemented at store level to follow the guidance and the directives of state and local health officials related to social distancing and safety, we, unfortunately, must defer all outdoor porch solicitations scheduled through 2020.  We will continue to reevaluate these circumstances throughout the remainder of the year and will adjust future outdoor porch solicitation as needed for 2021 and further. 

We appreciate your understanding and wish for your health and safety at this time. Community Care, Kathleen Santucci







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